Intelligent Label Sensing

 on ALL substrates

The intelligent CEON label sensor makes the labeling head perfect

When self-adhesive labels are applied automatically, both paper and plastic substrates are used. The range can include particularly thin, transparent or metallized labels.

The intelligent CEON label sensor identifies and enables precise label positioning of all presently known label materials and substrates.

Ceon Sensor

Good reasons for choosing the CEON label sensor....

§  easy assembly directly on the peel-off plate

§  detection of all label materials at any mesh width

§  precise detection even at very high dispensing speeds up to 8,000 inch/min

§  high repeat accuracy

§  Manual Teach sensor balance independent from the system also with AutoTeach function on the Aesus labeling head

§  operating voltage 15 to 30 VDC

§  push-pull output: PNP, NPN, 40 mA, short-circuit proof


Pin assignment

M12 plug, 5 pin, a-coded

BN = brown
BK = black
BU = blue
WH = white
GY = grey



 Ceon Instructions and full information click here