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Our History and our Values

Aesus Systems was founded in 2003 and was the amalgamation of D. L. Tech Inc (founded in 1995) and (EDT founded in 1997). The founding partners of Aesus were previously partners or employees in Kalish (founded in 1956) and NJM-CLI (NJM-CLI was founded in 1972 by an ex-Kalish employee). Most of the employees of Aesus have considerable experience in packaging, sleeving and labelling machinery. At its zenith Kalish was one of the premier pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machine manufacturers in North America, employing over 300 people with sales over $60 million.

Aesus has supplied different packaging machinery solutions  to many countries around the world.  Through our experienced technical sales team and broad agency of International representatives, we can deliver great solutions to you!

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Our Founders and Leads

Graham Lewis – Chairman

1973 to 1995, Kalish packaging machinery, ultimately President and CEO and Majority Shareholder.

In 1995 Graham sold Kalish to DT industries.

1995 to 2000 DT Industries, ultimately President of packaging group of nine companies, including Lakso, Merrill, Stokes, Scheu & Kniss, Sencorp, Armac, Kalish, Swiftpack, King, and Chief Technical Officer and Member of Board of Directors of the 18 DTI Companies with sales over $500 Million.

2003, founded Aesus systems, amalgamating EDT (Encore Design Technologies), primarily shrink labelling) and D. L. Tech Inc (primarily pressure sensitive labelling).

Daniel Lachapelle – Founder and Chairman

1983 to 1995, NJM-CLI ultimately service manager.

1995 founded D. L. Tech Inc, merged with Aesus in 2003.

2010 Merged with Automatixx Inc

Samantha Lewis

President & CEO

1997 – 2001 Military Lieutenant in Canadian Naval reserves

BSc – University of Ottawa
Techno MBA – Missouri State University

2003 Commenced with Aesus Systems.

Steve Mons

Vice President of Sales

1990 to 1997 Kalish Machinery then DT Kalish, ultimately area sales manager.

1997 founding partner of EDT, merged with Aesus in 2003.

Patrick Wilson

Vice President of Engineering and Production

2006 Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal.
2006-2009 Design Engineer at various aerospace companies.
2009-2015 Multiple roles in engineering, project management and production management for an automation machine manufacturer.
2016 joined Aesus as engineering manager and now oversees the engineering, project management and production teams.


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Regional Sales Manager
Regional Sales Manager

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Project Management

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Administration & Human Resources

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Engineering Manager
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Manufacturing, Production & Purchasing

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