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A Year of Innovation and Engagement: Aesus Inc., in 2023

As we reflect on the past year at Aesus, we celebrate a series of groundbreaking achievements and industry engagements that underline our commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. Our journey through 2023 was marked by notable events and product launches, which we are excited to share with you.


Trade Show Highlights:

  • IME West: Our participation in IME West 2023 was a testament to our dedication to the advanced manufacturing sector. We engaged with a diverse range of companies, receiving invaluable feedback and insights, particularly in the medtech and packaging sectors. This interaction has been instrumental in refining our offerings.
  • Craft Brewers Conference 2023: Our discussions at the Craft Brewers Conference 2023 revolved around our specialized can labeling solutions. This event provided an excellent platform for us to highlight our commitment to industry-specific packaging needs and to forge significant connections in the brewing community.
  • Pack Expo Las Vegas: Our participation in this prestigious expo was a highlight of the year. The unveiling of our latest machinery at Pack Expo Las Vegas was met with enthusiastic responses, emphasizing our leadership in packaging technology innovation. The event provided a unique opportunity for us to engage with industry peers, gaining valuable insights into market needs. Another pivotal moment was our collaboration with Schneider Electric. We teamed up to introduce a new Cobot at our booth during the Pack Expo. This venture into collaborative robotics represents our drive to integrate the most advanced technologies in our packaging solutions, reflecting our forward-thinking approach in an ever-evolving industry.

2023 Innovations at Aesus Inc.:

  • AES-Scoop Inserter: Our newly engineered solution revolutionizes scoop insertions for a range of sizes, featuring a first-of-its-kind inserter with no changeover bowl and bulk elevator. This innovation enhances operational efficiency and offers an unmatched end-user experience.
  • InvertaClean Bottle Cleaner: The InvertaClean Bottle Cleaner, with its continuous motion conveyor system, represents a significant leap in on-the-fly cleaning technology. This 200 BPM servo-driven system ensures a seamless 20-second changeover and integrates ionized filtered air and vacuum for optimal cleaning.
  • Premier Shrink 400: Tailored to meet diverse production demands, the Premier Shrink 400 facilitates sleeving containers at an impressive 400 BPM, adapting seamlessly from slow to fast-paced production environments.
  • Wrap-Around Pressure-Sensitive Redundant Labeling: This breakthrough enhances packaging line efficiency and reliability, streamlining labeling processes.
  • Patent-Pending Adjustable Drum Bottle Unscrambler: Our innovative bottle feeding drum, designed for no-change part operations, significantly reduces change over time, and optimizes productivity.

Looking Forward

2023 was not just a year of achieving milestones but also a foundation for future innovations. We remain dedicated to leading the packaging machinery sector, continuously evolving to meet and exceed industry expectations.

Discover more about our journey and our forward-thinking solutions on our website and in the blog, news, and shows sections. We invite you to join us as we continue to innovate and excel in the packaging industry.

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