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A spindle capper is probably the most popular automatic capping machine for screw type caps. This capper applies the cap onto the bottles and then automatically tightens the cap using several sets of spindle wheels.

Spindle capping machines can be used with cap sorting elevators or vibratory bowls to completely automate the cap sorting process and application of the cap onto the bottles for continuous operation.

Delta Cap 4

Our Delta Cap 4 spindle capper can be used as a retorquer on a bottling line or as a fully automatic capper when used with our cap sorting elevator or vibratory bowl.

This capper utilizes 4 adjustable sets of spindle torquing wheels with pneumatic clutches to precisely torque round / flat caps onto various sized containers.


  • Speeds of up to 120 bottles per minute
  • Bottle diameter from 1” to 8“
  • Bottle height from 2” to 12”
  • Cap diameter from 3/4” to 5“
  • Cap height from 1/4” to 1.25″


  • Motorized height adjustable stand
  • Dual sided belts for product stability
  • Color touch screen with PLC
  • Indexing wheel for product separation
  • Backup sensor for accumulation/output signal to stop indexing


  • Automatic cap sorting elevator or Vibratory bowl
  • Double sided guide belts for tall and unstable bottles
  • Safety guarding package.
UPGRADE OPTIONS: Cap Sorting Elevators and vibrator bowls

Cap Sorting Elevators and vibrator bowls are the most common and economical cap sorting systems used with fully automatic capping machines. Capable of handling multiple different cap sizes. The operator simply loads all of the caps into the hopper, The caps are then automatically sorted into a chute and applied onto the bottles or containers.

Cap elevator specification:

  • For Flat caps up to 5” diameter
  • 6 Cubic Ft hopper with 12” wide chain
  • Low level sensor to automatically start / stop the feeding of the caps into the cap chute
  • Dial indicators or rulers for quick change over

Vibratory bowl specifications:

  • Available in either 24” or 30” diameter
  • Stainless Steel construction with Anodized parts
  • Low level sensor to automatically start / stop the feeding of the caps into the cap chute.
  • Manual or motorized up and down options

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