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Discover Aesus Liquid Fillers

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Manual Liquid Filling

From ml to Gallons on the same machine 

The LittleFiller is a unique, compact single head gear pump liquid filling machine capable of combining with and networking up to 4 (or more) heads.

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Automate your AF1s

Network Them Together

The AF1 fillers can be networked together to make multi-headed liquid filling systems, just plug each unit into power and daisy chain them from one to another.

Automate at any time

If you decide that manual filling using the AF1 fillers is not what you want, you can add the Automation Kit and it can be automated over any conveyor. There are different options that can be added for different types of products.

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Automatic Liquid Filler  

Fully integrated filling system

Available in configurations of 6 to 12 filling heads, these are the most versatile and technologically advanced servo controlled automated filling solutions around!