Automatic Liquid Fillers

As your production demands increase and hand filling is no longer a viable option, automatic filling is the way to go. Let’s introduce you to our complete range of automated filling solutions. Our automated liquid filling machines are designed to provide customers with a flexible and easy to use system that can handle a wide range of liquids, containers, and fill volumes.

Whether you need more speed on your line, maintain consistent quality or to handle a wide variety of liquids from non-viscous and viscous liquids then you’ve come to the right place!!

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AF1 LittleFiller – Automation Kit  Automatic Filler Icon 75H Aesus

If you’re looking for a higher product output and to automate your filling process, take the first step towards automation with our ready-to-connect AF1 automation package. This kit includes the capabilities of connecting up to 4 x AF1 liquid fillers, it features a servo control drive system, the neck clamp to stabilize the bottles while filling, an automatic gating system for product separation and a touch screen HMI that allows you to quickly and easily control the fill speed, fill volumes and recall previous recipes.



AESFill AF4 to AF12  Automatic Filler Icon Aesus

Available in configurations of 6 to 12 filling heads, these are the most versatile and technologically advanced servo controlled automated filling solutions around! Using our same patented AESPump in either 12L/min or 24L/min, our fillers are suitable for many applications such as; filling water, insecticides, liquid fertilizers, edible oils, personal care products, shampoos, conditioners, topicals and other products with similar characteristics.

Our automatic liquid fillers include a large colored touchscreen menu which includes real-time production information such as; the number of bottles filled and the production rates in bottles per minute. All of these settings can be changed and saved with ease, and filling programs can be stored and recalled for future use.


    • Bottle per minute speed, 60bpm to 100 bpm
    • Height adjustment, motorized
    • Servo Controlled Dive system
    • No drip nozzles
    • 12L stainless steel “PATENTED” sanitary gear pump
    • Fully enclosed Stainless Steel constructed frame
    • HMI touchscreen with recipe management
    • Neck clamp system for tall unstable containers
    • Product Gating system


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