Manual Filling Solutions

Manual liquid filling machines are ideal for small scale production or laboratory uses.

Our Fillers are suitable for many applications, such as filling water, insecticides, liquid fertilizers, edible oils, personal care products, shampoos, conditioners, topicals and other products with similar characteristics.

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AESFill AF1 – LittleFiller  Filler Icon 55H Aesus

The AESFill AF1 “LittleFiller” is a unique, single head gear pump liquid filler. Capable of filling a wide variety of products ranging from light liquids through to heavy creams and gels.

The LittleFiller is the perfect solution if you need versatility for filling various liquids and / or fill volumes on the same filler.

The LittleFiller is a liquid filling machine capable of combining with and networking up to 4 (or more) heads.


    • Touch Screen digital display for easy setup
    • No restrictions regarding the fill size
    • +/- 0.5% easily achievable
    • No Drip Nozzle with bottom shut off
    • Compact and versatile design
    • Easy to disassemble and reassemble without tools
    • 12L Patented Stainless steel pump
    • Includes Footswitch for easy start fill operation
    • Network multiple Fillers together for higher speeds


    • 110 Volts, 1 phase 4 amps
    • Air requirements – 4 bar


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