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Maximizing Production Line Efficiency

Aesus’ NEW and FAST way to get help for your packaging equipment!

Having a packaging line is the best way to reduce your human ressource problems so that you can get your product to enter the market faster. Machines working together in perfect harmony is the way to get your products onto the shelves to be sold to the end consumer.

But what happens when one of your machines on your line stops working the way it is supposed to or you need help in setting up a new product that will be run on your line??

And it can even get worse if you or your operators don’t have any idea what the problem is… How much time are you ready to spend with your machine or complete line down?? Time is money $$$…

This is why Aesus has implemented the NEW QR code to email our service department! Just find INFO on the control panel and use your cell phone to scan the QR code. Immediately you get a message on your mobile with some questions about your equipment. Enter the answers, click send and automatically get in contact with our Service Department.

As soon as we get the message we do our research and you will get help in between MINUTES!!

Nothing simpler than that!

QR Code Service 8 2 2023 Post1 Aesus

Alain Saint-Amour, Director of Technical Services scanning a QR code to show the QR Code Service in action (video available, click to access)

What are the benefits of the QR code?

1. Don’t loose valuable time!

At Aesus we are aware of the relationship between packaging time and the quanitity of products on store shelves. That is why we implemented the easy access to our service department via QR code.

By scanning the QR code you have automatic access to our service department and our technicians can access everything from repair history, maintenance manuals, real-time updates to offer you exact, immediate assistance.

2. We have your machine information and history

We save you time by not loosing time to track your information. The QR code provides more accurate information since the machine information and problems are sent from your phone immediately instead of you having to remember to send the information at the end of your days or when you get around to it. We are there to help you with a simple scan and click.

3. Helping to create maintenance standards

By having all the history of your equipment it allows us to know what parts have been changed in order to schedule preventative maintenance for your machine to ensure the most up time of your equipment.