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Streamline you Inserting Process:

Unleash Efficiency with Aesus Inserters!

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Scoop Inserter

Enhance Accuracy and Efficiency

Aesus’ scoop feeder sorter inserter machine can be programmed to handle a wide range of varying plastic scoop sizes and handle lengths.

Our scoop inserters are equipped with sensors to ensure desired alignment and insertion of the scoops directly into the containers. Enhancing accuracy and efficiency and reducing human error.

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Dessicant Inserter

Insert a dessicant to ensure your product stays dry

Desiccants are moisture absorbing materials used to protect sensitive products from humidity and moisture damage. Typically, they are kept in bottles until a consumer opens the container and discards it.

Aesus’ desiccant inserter automatically inserts Silica Gel Desiccant Barrels directly into the containers.

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Glass Ball Inserter 

Add a ball to your viscous products

Aesus’ glass ball or sphere inserter is a specialized machine that automatically counts and inserts a desired number of of glass balls into counters typically used for artist’s paints and some cosmetics.

The glass balls are small in size and assist in the mixing of viscous products when shaken.