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LabelerWrapIcon Aesus

Wrap Labeler

Sticky labels on Round bottles 

Our Wrap Series Labelers are the perfect solution for applying pressure sensitive labels to round bottles or containers. Depending on your application requirements we have many different options available for various different bottles sizes and speeds.

Whether you’re a start-up company looking to hand load a labeler or an established business in need of a high speed labelling solution, You’ve come to the right place!!

LabelerPanelIcon Aesus

Panel Labelers

Flat panel labeling – 1 to 5 panels

Panel labeling is for the standard flat sided containers, featuring either one or two servo driven labeling heads, our Panel labelers are designed to apply pressure sensitive labels to the front, front and back and multiple panels on a wide range of bottles and containers.

Some of these labelers can be equipped with extra label heads, vision systems, coders to do more than simple labeling.

LabelerTopBottomIcon Aesus

Top & Bottom Labelers  

Top, Bottom, Top & Bottom we can labeler them all!

Avavailable in Top only, Bottom only or Top & Bottom, These labelers are the perfect solution for labeling products such as Boxes, Clamshells, Containers and even Jars.

Featuring either 1 or 2 servo controlled labeling heads, These labelers are extremely precise, Quick to setup and can easily be integrated into any kind of production line.

LabelerPouchIcon Aesus

Pouch Labelers

Labeling empty pouches to suit your needs

Our pouch labelers are the perfect solution for applying labels to either the front, back or both sides of empty pre-made pouches. They are ideal for production environments that need to cater to a wide range of products or even small batch runs, removing the requirement to keep a large inventory of pre-printed pouches.

LabelerHeadIcon Aesus

Servo Label Heads

Labeling Head to meet your needs

Incredibly powerful and compact, the Aesus “Servo driven” labeling head is the most technologically advanced labeling head available.

Thanks to it’s modular design our labeling heads are available in left and right handed configurations, various width options and also speeds ranging from 30/m minute to 200m/min dispensing speeds. It come standard with the intuitive color touch display, which allows for recipe management, report faults and remedies for your operators and it’s network ready for industry 4.0 protocols.