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Incredibly powerful and compact, the Aesus “Servo driven” labeling head is the most technologically advanced labeling head available.

Thanks to it’s modular design our labeling heads are available in left and right handed configurations, various width options and also speeds ranging from 30/m minute to 200m/min dispensing speeds. It come standard with the intuitive color touch display, which allows for recipe management, report faults and remedies for your operators and it’s network ready for industry 4.0 protocols.

Servo Label Applicator
186mm / 7.3″ and 246mm/9.6″


  • Label Width Up To: 186 mm (7.3″) and 246mm (9.6″)
  • 30 meters / min (Optional 50m/min Available)
  • Patented “Teachable” CEON Label sensor
  • Label Reel diameter of 300mm (11¾”)
  • 210mm Diameter backing paper rewinder
  • Core of 76mm (3″)

HIGH SPEED Servo Label Applicator
186mm / 7.3″ and 246mm / 9.6

FULL WIDTH Servo Label Applicator

310 mm / 12.2″


  • Label Height Up To: 186 mm, 246mm and 310mm
  • 100 meters / min (Optional 200m/min Available)
  • Left hand or right hand applicator
  • Patented “Teachable” CEON Label sensor
  • Motorized 410mm diameter label unwind (16.1″)
  • Motorized 310mm diameter label rewind (12.2″)
  • Diamond mounting plate
  • Core of 76mm (3″)

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