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Our pouch labelers are the perfect solution for applying labels to either the front, back or both sides of empty pre-made pouches. They are ideal for production environments that need to cater to a wide range of products or even small batch runs, removing the requirement to keep a large inventory of pre-printed pouches.

DELTA Pouch Top & Bottom

Our Delta Top and Bottom pouch labeler comes supplied with 2 x servo-controlled label applicators that can precisely apply labels to the front and back of your pouches at the same time. It can be either supplied as a simple hand fed system or with a fully automated dual stack feeding system. The labeler can easily be adjusted for many different size pouches and label sizes including pouches with zip locks and tamper evident seals


  • Speeds of 40 pouches per minute on the manual fed labeler
  • Speeds of 70 pouches per minute on a dual stack automatic feeder
  • Minimum pouch size – 4” wide x 4” Long
  • Maximum pouch size – 12” wide x 16” Long

Optional Accessories

Dual stack automatic feeder, Safety guard with door interlocks, Thermal printers, outfeed collection hopper or outfeed conveyor for product accumulation.

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