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Our NEW cleaner and more resistant, liquid filling solution, for the Aesus Automation Kit

We have customers that fill corrosive or harsh chemicals using AESFill AF1s with an Automation kit, however they had problems with the standard hose and tank setup. Some of the issues were due to the chemicals themselves, due to temperatures, or had to do with the ease of cleaning the nozzles and pumps. The customer needed to have an option in order to resist the corrosive chemicals and or hot temperatures.

In order to help our customer, our engineering team looked at their problems and came up with a new simple premium package that can be added to any of our AESFill Automation kits that includes a (1) stainless-steel manifold, (2) angled nozzle bodies and (3) stainless-steel braided hoses.

The PTFE stainless steel braided hoses are for better compatibility and resistance to the harsh chemical agents, they also are much stiffer than the standard plastic hoses. These hoses hold their shape well under pressure and at higher temperatures.

We also added a stainless-steel manifold connected directly to the AF1 pumps. The manifold is then connected to the constant-level tank with a single hose, reducing the number of hoses and parts to clean during changeovers. Additionally, the manifold gains value with its single hose connected to the tank when the product feed tank must be installed further from the filling machine.

Overall, this premium package gives a much cleaner and minimalist look to the machine while ensuring the best operation and ease of cleaning for the customer. The NEW premium package is a cleaner and more resistant liquid filling solution for the Aesus Automation Kit.

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Jamie Nelson, Regional Sales Manager, showing us the Premium package on the AESFill Automation Kit,

At Aesus, our machines don’t only fill harsh or hot chemicals, our liquid filling machines don’t discriminate and can fill a variety of liquids. We have customers with applications in the food, cosemetic, chemical, and pharamaceutical industries to name a few. If you have a liquid that you want to start to automate, you should try our AESFill AF1 Filler.

If you already fill your product with a filling machine but are looking to increase your speeds you should look at our fully automatic machines. Depending on your speeds we have the right solution to help you fill your products!