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Scoop Inserter Feeder Sorter

New 2024 Aesus Scoop Feeder Sorter and Inserter

Running protein powders, drink mixes, baby formula, ground coffee or other types of powders into a rigid container? Want to reallocate that operator manually inserting a scoop?

Aesus Scoop Inserter Feeder Dropper Machine can be programmed to handle a wide range of varying plastic scoop sizes and handle lengths.

Our scoop inserters are equipped with sensors to ensure desired alignment and insertion of the scoops directly into the containers. Enhancing accuracy and efficiency and reducing human error.

– Speeds of up to 60 bottles per minute
– Bottle Diameter 3” diameter to 8” diameter
– Bottle height from 4.5” to 11.25” Tall
– Scoop Diameter 1” diameter to 2.26” diameter

– Motorized height adjust for varying container heights
– Centrifugal Bowl for Scoop sorting and feeding
– Scoop confirmation sensor
– Dedicated Scoop feed chute

Optional Accessories
– Reject Shelf

Automated product insertion machinery can be used in industries like, pharmaceutical, nutritional, nutraceutical, food, pet care, fertilizers, cosmetics and artistic paints.

These machines are designed to streamline the previous manual process of inserting items such as glass balls for paints and cosmetics, desiccant barrels and a wide variety of plastic measuring scoops.

Automated inserting machines increase packaging line speeds, improves accuracy and consistency, reduces labor costs and enhances overall line efficiency!!


Some Scoop Feeder Dropper Machines sorts, feeds, and drops scoops into empty upside-down cans or filled containers.

Other Scoop Feeder Placer Machines sorts, feeds, and places scoops into filled containers, then compresses them below the container neck for sealing without concerns of dust or protruding scoops.

Some designs can accommodate any scoop shape, be it spoon or flat disk, and insert it into various containers. There’s also a centrifugal scoop feeder system that drops scoops into a hopper. These are then lifted by an inclined waterfall-type feeder to a sorter for orientation. Maintaining this orientation, the scoops move through a tunnel and into individual containers or cans. A sensor checks for container / can presence, activating or deactivating the feeder as needed.

There’s also a turret type design for inserting dosing scoops into containers with powdered food. Special grippers center the scoop in the container and embed it into the product. Another turret variant is tailored for pre-threaded plastic caps, with features for quick torque adjustment and specialized grippers for larger capsules.

A vibratory bowl feeder design can accommodate plastic scoops. Adjustable to fit all different scoop sizes, it’s constructed from high-quality stainless steel. It has a unique bowl design, ensuring precise orientation and high-speed feeding of up to 60 scoops per minute.