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Enhance you Packaging Aesthetics:

Unleash the Power of Aesus Shrink Labelers and Tunnels!

NeckBand Aesus

Neck Band Shrink Labeling

Safety Neck Band Seals 

Our machines can apply neck bands onto just about any container to ensure that your container stay closed properly all the way to your end customer.

FullBodySleeve Aesus

Full Body Shrink Labeling

Decorate your containers with the best graphic design and change your sleeve for any event

Shrink sleeves are a very popular solution for decorative labeling. Their sleek finish offers bright colors and sharp images. Your product will stand out by its’ sleeve design that fits your brand and tells your company’s story.


MultiPak Shrink Aesus

Multi-Pack Shrink Labeling  

Group your containers together

Our Multipack sleeve applicator is the perfect solution when you need to group multiple bottles, containers or boxes together.

This solution is suitable for 2, 3 or even 4 bulk pack bundling using either a clear transparent shrink film or even a printed material. This can be done either one container beside another or one container on top of another one…

NeckBand Aesus

Neck Band Tunnels

Shrinking Neck Bands on Container

For product security and tamper evidence on bottles or containers, neck banding is a simple solution that helps protect both your product and reputation. Depending on your application requirements we have various models available for consideration, from single or dual hot air heat guns and various length Infra-red tunnels.

All of our shrink tunnels can easily be integrated with our automatic shrink sleeve applicators or can be used as a standalone solution having operators hand apply the sleeves.

FullBodySleeve Aesus

Full Body Tunnels

Shrink Beautiful Sleeve on your Containers

A full body shrink sleeve allows you to have a full 360 degree label with complete graphics around your product. The full body sleeve can create opportunities for tamper evidence, using no adhesives. The label/sleeve shrinks from the heat of the tunnel forming to the shape of the bottle or container, giving you a tight fit and an opportunity to get creative with your container or bottle designs!