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Liquid Filling, from manual to automated solutions

Liquid Filling, from manual to automated solutions

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” -Mark Twain

Whether you are following in the footsteps of that pharmacist who decided to sell cups of his refreshing syrup at his local drugstore in the late 1800s (The Birth of a refreshing idea: Coca Cola History) or you want to go beyond your parents’ kitchen to build your business (How GT Dave Built his Empire : Entrepreneur), one thing for sure is that you will need to choose your equipment well, specifically your liquid filling solution!

First step, identify your product. Your answer will define the specifications and versatility required of the equipment, as well as the special features that will shape your filling machine.

Second is to define your production rates, and the fill speeds that are necessary to achieve this.  There are many elements to consider when determining the best production rate for you.  A couple of these elements are: The product you are filling; is it easy to fill or it is very foamy or thick?  What is the size or shape of your container, will the size of shape affect how quickly you can fill?

Also, it is necessary to keep in mind the machine quality: Does this machine suit my production needs? Is it capable to handle my production for a long time? The user-friendly design: Is the machine easy to understand? and the easy integration process: Is the machine easy to connect to my existing line, and is it expandable to meet my future filling needs? (Choosing a Liquid Filling Machine? 5 Things You Must Know!)

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From left to right, AESFill Little Filler, manual solution and AESFill Af6 automatic 6 filling heads solution

At Aesus we have solutions for each of these requirements, from completely manual filling to fully automatic filling lines.

Our Little Filler, AESFill AF1 manual liquid filling solution is perfect for a start up business. It is a unique single head gear pump liquid filler capable of filling a wide variety of products ranging from light liquids through to heavy creams and gels. This tiny machine is very easy to setup thanks to its touch screen digital display and tool-less clean up and changeovers. It’s compact and versatile design allow the AESFill AF1 to fit into almost any space such as your kitchen table, garage, or startup packaging room. The Little filler comes standard with a footswitch and filling timer for easy fill operations. If you’re starting a business with some friends, collaborating for your family recipe BBQ sauce, or operating as a “solo orchestra” entrepreneur, this “Little Filler” will be your best partner!

As the demand for your products increases, and your needs grow, we have a smart solution for you.  Aesus’ Automation Kit was conceived specifically for this next step of your business.

The Automation kit includes the capabilities of connecting up to 4 x AF1 liquid fillers, helping you to fully automate your filling process. The touch screen HMI allows you to control the fill speed, fill volumes, and recall previous recipes quickly and easily. Profile filling allows you to handle the filling of foamy products and various shaped container. Start your line running automatically at 40 bottles per minute in the corner of your garage! See Automatic Fillers…

And if you’re ready to launch it big! check on our fully automatic solutions – AESFill AF6 to AF12.

These machines come in configurations of 6 to 12 filling heads using our same patented AESPump in either 12L/min or 24L/min capacities. Our fillers are suitable for many applications such as filling water, insecticides, liquid fertilizers, edible oils, personal care products, shampoos, conditioners, topicals, maple syrup and other products with similar characteristics.

We offer you more control with an improved interface touchscreen menu. This allows you to control real-time production including the number of bottles filled and the production rates in bottles per minute. Save your parameters to create your recipes and recall them easily. Monitoring active alarms and production statistics are also available.

Choices shape the experiences of your journey. Choosing your equipment wisely is a key consideration. Before you embark become well informed. At Aesus we have a whole team who is here to help educate you and help you find the right solution to your filling needs.  Our aim is to increase the amount of success for our liquid filling partners, and we have demonstrated this with our versatile and durable filling machines.  Feel free to come and consult with us now.


It is time to get ready to start!