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Seamless Handling Solutions:

Optimize Efficiency with Biflow Tables, Turn Tables and Conveyors…

BiFlow Aesus

Bi-Flow Tables

Prevent line stoppages by accumulating or feeding from a Bi-Flow Table

Bi-Flow tables are used to prevent line stoppages without the need of stopping any upstream equipment on your production line. Utilizing opposing conveyor movement, the Bi-Flow table is able to create a buffer in your production line to accumulate products in situations such as label or shrink sleeve material changes.

Once the downstream equipment is ready, the products are then fed back into production to resume continuous operation.


TurnTable Aesus

Turn Tables 

Feeding, Accumulating or Surge Tables

Aesus manufactures different sizes of feed, surge and accumulation turn tables that can be installed at the infeed, middle or end of your bottling or production line.

Having these installed on your production line will help minimize operator intervention and  increase the efficiency and uptime on your production line.

Conveyor Aesus


Transporting containers from one location to another

Conveyor systems are designed to transport physical items like materials and goods from one point to another. They may all look similar but there are many different types of conveyors to suit different products and applications.