Bottle Cleaners

The InvertaClean Bottle Cleaner is a conveyor system designed for cleaning bottles as they move continuously along the production line.

It’s easy to use and allows for quick changeovers (optionally at the touch of a button) without the need for extra parts. This machine simplifies your packaging process – set it up, and you are clean to go…

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The Aesus InvertaClean Bottle cleaner is closed frame continuous running conveyor system for on-the-fly cleaning in a package which includes many preferred options for operator simplicity, facilitated change-overs without the need of any change-parts.

This machine will be the simplest one on your packaging line, set it and forget it. The machine will handle up to 8.5 inch diameter and up to 11 inch tall containers* (*up to 12” tall with proper option).


    • Speeds depends on gap between bottle at infeed.
      • 8″ diameter bottle -120 bpm,
      • 4″ diameter bottle -240 bpm
      • 1″ diameter bottle -960 bpm
    • Bottle Diameter max. 8.5” (in)
    • Bottle Heigh max. 12” (in)
    • Our fully integrated and enclosed centrifugal vacuum blower provides 500CFM of air filtration, which exchanges the air in the contaminated area of the machine 8 times per minute.


    • A user-friendly touch screen interface (HMI) and PLC for easy setup and recipe management
    • A unique, self contained (enclosed) air filtration system
    • A heavy duty welded stainless steel frame
    • A fully enclosed guard with top cover and safety interlock door switches for safety
    • Curved infeed and outfeed conveyors for easy integration into your production line. (parallel and perpendicular conveyor configurations available)
    • An air pressure switch
    • Lockable disconnect switches for power and air supply for added safety
    • A backup sensor
    • Position indicators and rulers on all adjustment points

Other Standard Options

    • Servo driven automatic change overs at the press of a button
    • Stack light
    • Remote Connectivity
    • Extra emergency stop (e-stop) for added safety

      Servo driven automatic change overs (optional):


      This options allows for hands-free changeovers, speeding up the process, reducing workload and making it easier for operators to set up the machine.

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      Ionized air + clean air pressure nozzle:


      This system is designed to removed undesired debris from the container. Debris inside containers may come from cardboard packaging, small plastic particles or other contaminants.

      The system will invert the bottles to have the neck pointing downwards and then blows ionized air inside the bottle, at the same time, right under the bottle neck, we have a aspiration system which will catch all of the debris coming out of the bottle and remove it.

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      Fully enclosed frame with interlocked guard:


      All moving parts are enclosed in a frame with hinged doors for easy access and it also includes interlocks for operator safety.

      All belts on the manual changeover machine configuration have dial indicators for the up/down and in/out position adjustments.

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