Unscramblers are very popular machines to start packaging lines on the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other plastic containers.

The AesSort has many important features including an enclosed frame with safety devices on all doors-open the door and the machine will stop, large 35 ft.³ infeed hopper, and a 48 inch diameter infeed drum with quick change snap in segments for fast changeover. Scales and dial indicators are built-in to facilitate quick repeat set-ups. It also includes a touch screen HMI and PLC with recipe management.

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AesSort 200

The AesSort bottle unscrambling machine uses the tried and proven hook and belt system that can handle containers from 1 inch diameter through 4 inch diameter and up to 10 inches in height.


Speed based on bottle height:

  • 2″ 200 bottles per minute
  • 6″ 125 bottles per minute
  • 10″ 80 bottles per minute

Fully enclosed frame


All moving parts are enclosed in a frame with hinged doors for easy access and it also includes interlocks for the operator safety. All belts have independent motors for maximum flexibility, and to fine-tune speed adjustments for different product sizes. All belts also have dial indicators for the up/down and in/out position adjustments.

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Improved “hook” system


The hook, which inverts containers coming neck first, is unique in that it not only has height adjustment, but the “spring” is controlled by adjustable air pressure as opposed to a fixed spring coil. Furthermore the whole assembly can be raised or lowered, which will change the radius of the swing arm to get higher speeds and or gentler handling.

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Sensor controls


A typical sensor arrangement is shown; here the sensor controls the level of containers in the sort drum, with a set up scale and easy adjustment knob.
Backup sensors come standard, so that if the containers downstream back up towards the AesSort, the machine will pause until the backup is cleared.

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Ionized Air Rinse Station


This system is designed to removed undesired debris from the container. Debris inside containers may come from cardboard packaging, small plastic particles or other contaminants. The system will invert the bottles to have the neck pointing downwards and then blows ionized air inside the bottle, at the same time, right under the bottle neck, we have a aspiration system which will catch all debris coming out of the bottle and remove it from the environment.

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