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Wrap Around Pressure Sensitive Labeler with Redundant, No-Stop Solution

Wrap Around Pressure Sensitive labelling machine are used in packaging settings to apply self adhesive labels to bottles or packages. These automated devices can save time and increase efficiency in labeling processes. One type of wrap labeler that is gaining popularity in the industry is the labeler with redundant option. Redundancy allows for the labeler to continue applying labels and reducing or even avoiding downtime when label roll changes need to take place.

Labeling Wrap Around Redundant JPG 2 Aesus

Aesus has developed multiple redundant labeling system solutions for its’ client and here we describe the most recent answer to a client’s needs. Two identical servo driven label applicators are mounted into the machine. Using 2 sets of product handling devices (bottle separation wheels), we can then control the flow of the bottles entering the machine to receive their label.

As bottles enter the labeling area, they are separated to create a gap in between each bottle. The first of two label applicators will apply the label onto the desired area of the container whereby a motorized shaft or wrap belt along with a fixed back will spin the bottle while continuing to be conveyed until the entire label is applied. Once the first roll of labels has been depleted, an electronic signal will force the bottes to not enter the labeling machine until the first label applicator automatically retracts and the second idle label applicator is engaged. Once engaged, the bottles are once again released and being labeled.  The retracted first label applicator can now have a fresh roll of labels installed and readied for when the secondapplicator is depleted.

The redundant option also can apply two or more labels on a single product or package. This option is useful in cases where more than one label is required, such as when labeling products with multiple languages, safety warnings, or promotional messages.

The main benefit of using a redundant labeler is there is no longer “Stop / Starting” whenever labels need to be replaced. This increases productivity and efficiency which also then increases profits.

In conclusion, a labeler with the redundant option is a valuable investment for companies that do not want to stop production and lose line efficiency. Redundant labeling can be incorporated into PANEL labelers, Top and / or Bottom Labelers or a combination of applications.