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Our Multipack sleeve applicator is the perfect solution when you need to group multiple bottles, containers or boxes together.

This solution is suitable for 2, 3 or even 4 bulk pack bundling using either a clear transparent shrink film or even a printed material. This can be done either one container beside another or one container on top of another one…

DELTA Shrink Oversize Labeler

The “Aesus Delta Oversized Shrink Labeler” can handle larger container sizes and is perfect for multipack solutions. Capable of sleeving up to 9.5″ Diameter it can be used to sleeve 2, 3 or even 4 products together.

Depending on your product size and required speeds the equipment can be supplied with either our pneumatic gating system for slower speed applications or our servo driven dual timing screw for higher speed applications. 

Application speeds

  • 25 (3 packs) per minute with pneumatic gating system
  • 50 (3 packs) per minute with servo driven dual timing screw

Optional accessories

Pneumatic gating system, Servo driven single or dual timing feedscrew, Photo registration sensor for printed film, Perforation system for easy pack opening, Heat gun shrink Tunnel or our Patented Hybrid shrink tunnel.

DELTA Oversized

With finger gating

DELTA Oversized

With feed screw gating

DELTA Oversized

Mandrel customized

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